Complete evaluations from my students are available upon request.

Selective qualitative comments

Teaching Assistant

"He is patient."
"He teaches so clearly and patiently."
"He was good at answering questions."
"He was very receptive."
"He was very willing to help."
"His enthusiasm and deep knowledge about the course was really helpful."
"The TA was very open for discussion when it came to confusion about certain questions on a worksheet."

Primary Instructor

"I completed the course feedback form on Friday, but I wanted to personally reach out to you and give you feedback. I was quite hesitant to take this course as I am a non-traditional student finishing their degree I had started almost XX years ago. I had not taken an Economics course in that span and I was nervous I would not remember anything from ECN 101, ECN 102, and ECN 302, courses I had taken previously years and years ago. I want to thank you for your organization in preparing the lectures and being extremely knowledgeable and concise about the information you were teaching. As someone who is taking courses online from XXXX, your attention to detail should be applauded. The homework and exams were all fair and reiterated the concepts we learned in your lectures and from reading. I again want to thank you for a wonderful and challenging summer course and wish you the best in your teaching endeavors!"